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Welcome to Stucco Repair Calgary. Providing a long-lasting, durable, solid, and decorative finish to your home or business is our top priority. Stucco is the way to go for your home or business walls. Using Stucco in your house will not only give it a posh look but also provide a durable, long lasting, natural fire-resistant finish. With proper maintenance, these long-lasting materials will last 50 to 80 years or even more!

Stucco is a cement-based plaster that is derived from lime, sand and cement. The finish and hardened stucco need little to no maintenance, as it is highly durable. We give our clients the best service that we can give them. We offer several professional services including, but not limited to, repair, reapplication, acrylic finishes, and installing IEFS systems.

We pride ourselves in giving the best and most reliable services. We carry both the tools and the expertise to be able to provide you a more than satisfactory service. We can finish the task you’ve hired us for within a proper time frame, without any delays or cancellations. We will deliver high-quality and professional results. After we are done with our work, we are sure to tidy up and not leave any mess behind.

Our Calgary, Ab based stucco company is born from a dream of making our clients as satisfied and comfortable as possible. Our team consists of professionals in the architectural, engineering, and design fields that are sure to finish the work assigned to us satisfactorily. We are driven by passion and fueled by our customers.

We will carry out our work in a way that will exceed your expectations. We will talk and consult with you depending on your style, texture, paint, or finish preferences so that we can give you the best service possible. We will also inform you of our progress through our work so that you will know that things are proceeding swiftly and efficiently. Your money will surely not go to any waste when you work with us.

Our Services

The following are the services that we offer for you and for your family, we promise to provide only the best in all of these fields.

how to repair large stucco cracks calgary


If your exterior or interior stucco has been broken or damaged, just hit us up and we’re sure to have it fixed in no time. We employ the latest technology and procedures in repairing and managing your stucco. With these repairs, your exterior will not look damp or chappy anymore and will only be replaced by a proper stucco coating.

how to repair large stucco cracks calgary


Whether it be a textured or smooth wall, we’ll be able to paint your walls professionally based on your specifications. The finished paintings will absolutely be a sight to look for within your neighborhood.

how to repair large stucco cracks calgary


Parging is used nowadays as a decorative process in construction. It covers exposed stone, brick, or cement of a wall. It is also often used to hide surface imperfections in the walls, but can also act as a barrier against the weather. We at Stucco Repair Calgary Services offer satisfactory parging results. It will be as decorative as it is effective and will protect your exteriors from damaging environments like dampness, rain, or plants.

how to repair large stucco cracks calgary

Textured Acrylic Finishes

Acrylic stucco, mostly used for exteriors, is a bit different from normal stucco, as it has its properties and characteristics. This difference includes finishes and textures. We have a variety of textures and finishes to choose from based on your preferences.

how to repair large stucco cracks calgary

Smooth Acrylic Finishes

Similarly, with the Textured Acrylic Finishes, we have a variety to choose from. We pride ourselves in the fact that we will be able to provide you with the best of our service at any given time.

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External Insulation Finish System (EIFS)

As one of the best, EIFS has been tested and researched and has been found that it is the best performing cladding. This state-of-the-art system can be installed in your home by us. We will make sure that the system will work perfectly and fit snugly in your home.

how to repair large stucco cracks calgary


Is your stucco too badly damaged just to be repaired? We also offer our services to reapply your stucco coating. Usually, the stucco coating breaks off when it is old and weathered. We will make sure that the reapplied stucco layer will just be as good as the original, if not even better.

The reapplication process will take some time as we will still need to remove all the previous coating. Rest assured, however, as the whole process will definitely fit within our designated time frame with the help of our professional team and advanced tools.

More information about our services, call us today at Stucco Repair Calgary.

More information about our services, call us today at Stucco Repair Calgary.

Mission & Vision


We provide top-quality stucco installation, repair, and management services to ensure that each and every one of our clients will be able to stay comfortably within their building or household. Our team delivers the best repairs, reapplications, parging, and other stucco-related services.


To be one of the most well-known high-quality stucco services in the province. To reach thousands of clients while maintaining a commitment to our clients, country, and the environment.

Our Team

Our stucco repair Calgary based team consists of professional and experienced tradesmen that help us give you the best results and products. Our team will work with you to fulfill your preferences and needs of our stucco services. They will be able to work efficiently and effectively and will only deliver the best finishes and repairs. Given enough time and resources, these professionals can even turn your lousy or dull exterior to a posh and beautiful stucco exterior.

With professional knowledge and high-end equipment, we will be able to finish our work within a given time frame. Maybe you want to have an EIFS system installed with a short period, then we are the company to go to.

We will give you the best stucco related services like repairs, and installing EIFS systems. You can have a peace of mind that every penny’s worth what you pay us will be put into good use. We will deliver high-quality results equal to the amount that you have paid us.

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